Developmental and innovative projects are our future!

The Airdoo 10 local bi-directional ventilation system with heat recovery is a fruit of Slovenian knowledge, ingenuity and creative thinking. The entire development of the ventilation system is based on a new design, while the product is distinguished by top tier materials and components, which enable the highest possible energy yield.

Our main guideline was to ensure the best possible living experience to the end user. At the same time, we wished to improve the products, already existing in the market, at all levels, while removing their shortcomings and flaws. The key and high value of innovation is that we were the first to transfer all advantages of central ventilation and recuperation systems into dimensions, which enable local installation; thus, there is no need for larger construction interventions and additional investments into branching, required by a central system. The Airdoo 10 is also distinguished by high capacity and the F7 filter, which also prevents the entry of pollen and dust particles without reducing the airflow power, as well as an even bi-directional airflow without air pressure fluctuation. The Airdoo 10 is also suitable for fireboxes (fireplaces), as no underpressure occurs, while the shape, means of installation and the possibility to select the external appearance / grille enable it to meld perfectly with the space.

This is thus an entirely new generation of heat recovery, created with Slovenian knowledge, where you will receive MUCH MORE for an acceptable price!