The Airdoo 10 has received the SILVER award for innovation of the Drava region 2017.

Fresh air

Airdoo local two-way ventilation system provides you with optimum microclimate - always fresh air without opening the windows. Your home is also draught-free, odor-free and without external noise, also finally we can get rid of annoying insects; ventilation with constant opening and closing of windows will become history and fresh air your future!


Local two-way heat exchanger Airdoo 10 provides transfer of thermal energy from the exhaust air laden with moisture and odors and with too much of CO2 to the incoming fresh air (in winter) and cooling of the incoming hot air to the cold outlet air (in the summer). At the same time it provides the exchange of moisture and cleaning of the incoming air, allowing us to maintain a pleasant living temperature and fresh air in the facility without significant

Without moisture and mold

The emergence of mold is one of the first signs that the room needs better ventilation. With controlled ventilation with constant two-way flow of air, Airdoo local two-way ventilation system ensures that the moisture will not stay in the rooms, instead it will be taken away with dirty air.

Without allergies

Ventilation with heat recuperation is certainly good news for allergy sufferers. With F7 filter Airdoo 10 also filters out pollen and pm10 particles, which are the main source of pollution in winter. This way your house will become a haven from allergens.

Energy saving

One of the essential characteristics of ventilation with heat recuperation is also energy efficiency; conventional ventilation by opening windows represents a great waste of energy and heat recuperation ventilation returns to us up to 93% of the heat from the exhaust air. This method of ventilation provides us with always fresh and quality air in the room and home with high energy efficiency!