Always fresh air, without having to open the windows, and incomparable well-being for both you and your guests. Live lightly! With the ventilation system Airdoo!

For well-being in closed spaces, it is important that the living areas are regularly and thoroughly ventilated. In closed spaces, we pollute the air by breathing, which increases the level of CO2, with cooking, heating, even the furniture emits harmful vapours. Airdoo local bi-directional ventilation system efficiently removes waste air and, at the same time, brings in fresh air with minimal heat loss. A specialty of the Airdoo bi-directional ventilation system is thus the removal of waste and intake of clean air at the same time. That makes the Airdoo system appropriate also for rooms with fireboxes where it is important, that air pressure does not fluctuate. The Airdoo system lets you constantly have fresh air in your living rooms, which is a foundation for well-being and focus when working and studying. Fresh air is also the foundation of healthy and peaceful sleep.



Do not throw money out of an open window. Take advantage of the energy of waste air to heat fresh air!

Classic ventilation by opening windows, even if one follows the rules of ventilation, causes the loss of a large amount of energy. Local bi-directional ventilation system Airdoo uses thermal energy of waste air to heat the fresh air. The heat exchange process between warm, waste air and the cool, fresh air, takes place at the core of the heat exchanger. In this way, the Airdoo system returns a part of the waste energy back to the room. The Airdoo system thus helps you save, as the costs of heating are lower and your rooms are always ventilated. Due to excellent yield of heat from waste air, your heating bill will be lower too.



Without humidity, mould, and condensation. The Airdoo system enables it.

During the energy renovation of a building, we encounter the issue of increased humidity of rooms. This happens due to the sealing of the building (new windows, doors, facade). The Airdoo local, bi-directional ventilation system with controlled ventilation, with a steady bi-directional airflow, prevents the moisture from lingering in rooms by ejecting it with waste air. At the same time, Airdoo brings fresh air into your rooms which, when passing through the heat exchanger, returns a part of the thermal energy, which classic ventilation would otherwise lose.



Well-being in a healthy environment. Better focus for work and studying. With the Airdoo system.

The local bi-directional ventilation system with heat recovery Airdoo ensures a constant exhaust of waste air from your rooms while, at the same time, bringing in fresh air. Due to the way it works, whereby the two airflows are parallel and are not exchanged, the Airdoo system ensures well-being, as there are no fluctuations in air pressure (as opposed to e.g. ventilation systems with interval intake and exhaust). Due to the intake and exhaust occurring at the same time, the Airdoo local bi-directional ventilation system is also suitable for rooms with fireboxes (fireplace, gas furnace, ZIBRO,...), where conditions for even suction of the heating device are required. It has also been proven, that an increased level of carbon dioxide in rooms reduces the ability to concentrate in learning and work, causes headache, and causes general malaise. With the use of the Airdoo system, we ensure an uninterrupted intake of fresh air and exhaust of waste air, thus establishing a good working and living environment.



Springtime without pesky allergies - sniffles, sneezing, red eyes... in your home, with the Airdoo system.

The Airdoo local bi-directional ventilation system can, if so desired, be equipped with various types of filters; everything up to F7, which also filters pollen and pm10 particles, which are the main source of pollution in winter time. With proper and regular use of the Airdoo system, you will have cleaner air in your rooms than with classic ventilation. Your allergy symptoms will thus be considerably alleviated!