Ventilation system with heat recovery

Why ventilate living areas with heat recovery?



More and more people around the world and in Slovenia are deciding to renovate buildings in a way, which enhances their energy efficiency. Consequentially, this means that a new facade and the installation of new windows almost hermetically seal living areas, thus preventing a natural ventilation of spaces we live in.

With inhibited natural ventilation, we save on the heating bill, but sacrifice living quality due to poor air in the rooms. Thus, we are forced to ventilate rooms by opening windows.


By installing the recuperative ventilation system Airdoo, we ensure well-being and health-wise appropriate climate conditions in your home.

Airdoo thus automatically also ensures:

  • even airflow without air pressure fluctuation (over 90 m3/h),
  • constant air exchange regardless of climate conditions,
  • prevention of mould on walls due to condensation,
  • filtering of fresh air, which stops pollen, alleviates pollen allergy problems,
  • filtering of solid particles in air, which represent one of the largest pollutants in urban areas especially in winter time,
  • low CO2 and radon content in the area, which is often the cause of headache and general malaise
  • money savings due to excellent yields of heat exchanger,
  • two or more devices enable the establishment of an air curtain, which prevents the spreading of odours to other rooms,
  • remote control.

The local, bi-directional ventilation system with heat recovery Airdoo operates according to the principle of large recovery systems, which ensure an even inflow of fresh air and exhaust of waste air at the same time.


This means that, as opposed to other local ventilation and recovery systems, no changes of air pressure in the room occur, ensuring the highest comfort possible.